Polyveil is a piece of spatial writing created for an immersive virtual reality “Cave” environment.

Polyveil from paper kettle on Vimeo

It is difficult to sufficiently document such a work outside of its intended environment, but I’ve posted screenshots and video from the cave software’s in-editor preview to offer a small glimpse into the space.

The XML-based interface for doing cave work is notoriously clunky, and Polyveil exploits the quirky rendering by abusing transparencies, and turning particle engines into moving walls.
The text is like most of my work – shortform notebook scribbles. The drawings are largely the work of Noah Chevalier. I created the music with an acoustic guitar, ambient recordings, and a granular delay engine.
Gratitude: John Cayley, for a continued stream of thought-provoking wisdoms, generosity,  and positive encouragement. Noah Chevalier for drawing collaboration and support as always.