illucia dtr


a physical patchbay for connecting computer software (portable & open source hardware)

illucia (console)

“Every human being is the LFO modulating his own health or disease.”

a physical patchbay for connecting computer software (console version)

War Machine

Rhizomatic Music Box

A Thousand Plateaus meets classic arcade game mechanics as strange metaphor

Soviet Life Sequencer

"or shall I say, death implies life"

Tetromino Step Sequencer. Patterns remixed by Conway's Game of Life

PCO (Paddle Controlled Oscillator)

Hell Is Other Players

Dual Paddles, n Balls, Collisions, and patch point psychedelia

µP format

an EEPROM does not simply walk into Mordor

A micro music format for EEPROM.

NES/Commodore 64 waveforms.
One hour of my brainwaves burned to chip.

The Moon and Fireworks EP

already always ending

a shortform ambient EP

Library Ash EP

"tentacles reach deep into the foundation"

a shortform wtfpop EP



digital poetry via game mechanics


I am not in another castle.

a poetry-toy


You Find Me

a text in virtual reality using hand-sketched visuals