Community forums are live! Game framework for Processing coming

July 16th, 2011 § 0 comments is live!

It is an open space to interact with other people using patchable software. Feel free to share cool findings & patches, ask questions, etc!

Also, it will soon include forums for a Processing Game framework…!

3 friends and myself have steadily built a platform (codenamed “H”) to write games in the Processing programming language. We felt that the Processing community might appreciate some more game tools. The Processing user base has tons of creativity, and we believe they could push games in all sorts of interesting and expressive directions. Some features of our framework:

  • Built around Processing’s workflow and style. Notion of “Beings” in a “World,” where all “Beings” have draw() methods (I enjoy thinking of them sort of like mini sketch windows).
  • Easy communication with other games – all controls are abstracted. OSC based patching / “codebending” tools built in. Play your games with midi instruments, other games, or anything.
  • Events (including collisions and incoming controls) are handled through an easy-to-use registration system.
  • Built in physics. Modular optimizations. Game logic freed from draw thread.
  • Camera is a “Being,” and thus can follow other “Beings,” have physics, and generally do interesting things.
  • Animated Sprite library (that works like a beat slicer)

We completed a working Alpha in May, and had a weekend game jam. Jen & Ryan made a version of the incredible machine with vector fields. Sam made an infinite platformer. I made a generative, patchable “bullet hell” shmup game.

We have some refactoring and documentation to take care of, and then we’re opening for a public beta. If you’re interested in participating, contact me here with “Processing beta test” in the subject.

You can make traditional games with our framework, but we’re really excited to see what sort of creative new things the Processing user base might do with this!

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