super mario spacetime organ (illucia & soundplane)

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A critical inquiry into Super Mario Brothers.

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Prototype designs!

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Hexagons, banana jacks, and laser cutters.
Designing out loud.. more to be done!

Control – a NES controller to Eurorack synthesizer module

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Jordan Bartee and I co-designed a module for Eurorack that allows you to control your synth with a NES controller! It was my first panel design for Euro, and it was a lot of fun – I’m quite pleased with the layout’s personality. We finished our prototype tonight, and will release all our work as Open Source Hardware after some more testing. Excitingly, Control will be a part of Jordan’s larger Ming Mecca voltage controlled video game system.

It outputs button presses as gates, logs X/Y axis activity as steady DC voltages, has a Machinedrum inspired turbo mode, and listens for cheat codes that turn it into a fantastically quirky oscillator…

February 2012 run of pk/ss ROMs!

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3/7/2012 Update: orders are closed! Thanks for your interest!

Post remains for historic value.

Another mµTown run! Please read these instructions carefully. What is available:

4 EEPROM set for Piston Honda

  • 1 µP (split µp with special stage, featuring 2A03/SID waveforms)
  • PocketMonster µP (Serge Creature waveforms)
  • pll µP (Schumann PLL waveforms)
  • Brainrom µP (1 hour of my brainwaves)

These will be painted single colors.

Orders are open as of today, and will close on March 5th, 2011. I will purchase the necessary EEPROMs on March 6th based on the number of orders, and burn/mail asap.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the mailing address in your paypal account is correct.

If it isn’t where you’d like these mailed, you MUST indicate so in the comments of your paypal order, and include the address you’d like it sent to. All orders will be shipped based on paypal transaction records.

More info about the ROMs can be found here.

illucia on ModMTV

November 8th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I was interviewed for MTV Brasil’s ModMTV! The first segment appears around 3 minutes, with more toward the end of the episode (soundtracked with New Order’s Ceremony, awesomely).

We started with an interview in Union Square’s park, then moved down into the subways where they filmed me patching video games on the new portable illucia prototype. and deterritorializer tease

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Up and running with my new illucia “deterritorializer” prototype!

I’ll have a rough model onsite at Maker Faire NY next week. More info in the coming weeks!

Codebendable illucia games are out: Soviet Life Sequencer, PCO, War Machine.

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Are you on Google+? Circle me and say hi!

Soviet Life Sequencer, PCO, and War Machine are now freely available on the main page. They’re all compatible with the new .illuciamodule router utility (Mac, Windows) too.

Also, I’m opening a waiting list for “codebending” / patchable instruments. There are roughly 15-20 spots available right now. I’m building a design similar to the illucia unit seen in my videos, but smaller, more portable, & with a generic layout so that it can be used for many applications (music, video games, video, word processing, programmer’s developer tool, cat picture remix engines, etc). Drop me a line here if you’re interested. I’m also open to the possibility of doing one-off custom patchable instruments – I have several otherworldly designs that would be impractical to mass produce, but I would love to bring them to life for the right owner.

Community forums are live! Game framework for Processing coming

July 16th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink is live!

It is an open space to interact with other people using patchable software. Feel free to share cool findings & patches, ask questions, etc!

Also, it will soon include forums for a Processing Game framework…!

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mµTown returns: limited physical µPs pressing

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Update: This pressing is closed – all orders have shipped! If you missed the window but would like to purchase a physical set (unpainted), contact me and I’ll try to accomodate. Here is the gist of the original post for historical purposes:

mµTown phases out of the void for a week!

4 EEPROM set for Piston Honda

  • 1 µP (split µp with special stage, featuring 2A03/SID waveforms)
  • PocketMonster µP (Serge Creature waveforms)
  • pll µP (Schumann PLL waveforms)
  • Brainrom µP (1 hour of my brainwaves)

More info about the ROMs can be found here.

This project was a lot of fun, and your enthusiasm for these chips has been really rewarding. Thank you!!!

sls & pco: video games that can play video games

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This video previews 2 of my modular games (Soviet Life Sequencer and Paddle Controlled Oscillator) patched in a feedback loop. All of these games can be patched and played independent of my illucia controller. In this video, I use Max/MSP to do all the patching, but you can interact with these games and patch using any environment that allows OSC message routing.

I’m going to release the games (and demo patch program from the video) very soon!